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Love Yourself

Answer this question truthfully. How many times have you told yourself 'I love you?' You've probably said this many times to your spouse, parents, children - but have you ever said this to yourself? Probably, never. Ask yourself why? Why do you find it difficult to say these three magical words to yourself? If you cannot love yourself, how will you love others. And the first step to loving yourself is telling yourself loud & clear, "I love you".

Women may still find it easy to do so, but ask a man to say this to himself & chances are that he'll squirm and reply: "You think I am a geek." Does saying 'I love you' to yourself take away from a man's macho qualities? In fact, saying this helps you verbalize your feelings. You have to be your best friend & feel comfortable with yourself. Remember if you love yourself you feel worthy, if your feel worthy you feel competent, & if you feel competent you are ready to love. How do yo…

How to Build a Positive Self Esteem

What do you do after founding one of the most successful corporations in the world & then discovering one fine day that venture capitalists made the moolah, while you were neither too rich nor particularly wanted in your own company. Most people would think of this as a nightmare or probably get depressed or indulge in self pity. But, if you have self-esteem anywhere close to Jim Clark, all you need to do is start all over again. And do it with inimitable style. That's exactly what the entrepreneurial & gutsy Clark did after being bounded out of Sun Microsystems. He is perhaps the first man to have founded $3 billion corporations - Netscape & Healthion.
For starters, that's what a dose of self-esteem can do for you. It can probably help you achieve the same spectacular results as Clark.

What is self-esteem?
Simply put, self-esteem is how you feel about yourself. Unless you perceive yourself as worthwhile, you cannot have a high self-esteem. And a high self-esteem is s…

How to Experience the Power of Sharing.

Should you share what you know & think with others? Of course you should. Doing so will in no way diminish what you have already; in fact, the chances are you will only enrich yourself further.

When you share with the spirit of helping others, you develop & grow yourself — this is the power of sharing. Because then, the universe shares with you. All successful people would admit that chance or luck also played a role.

The universe shares its bounty with you unconditionally. Does it look for gratitude or benefits in return? It has shared with you in the natural spirit of sharing. It has shared to help you. To make you happy. This is how one must share.

By sharing thus, you share as the universe has shared with you. This commonality brings you in the inner circle of the universe. Naturally as an inner circle member your share in the bounty of the universe increases.
Does a candle lose anything by lighting other candles? Apparently, it does. It is no longer the only torch in the neig…