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Deliver a Presentation like Steve Jobs

As If, analyzing & observing Steve Jobs was not enough with my previous post drilling down his skills at presenting products to Apple fans, here comes another from Carmine Gallo, a business communications coach. When Apple CEO Steve Jobs kicked off this year's Macworld Conference & Expo, he once again raised the bar on presentation skills. While most presenters simply convey information, Jobs also inspires. He sells the steak and the sizzle at the same time, as they say. Analyzing his latest presentation reflects these 10 elements that you can combine to dazzle your own audience. Bear in mind that Jobs has been refining his skills for years. Still, how he actually arrives at what appear to be effortless presentations bears expanding on and explaining again. 1. Set the theme. "There is something in the air today." With those words, Jobs opened Macworld. By doing so, he set the theme for his presentation and hinted at the key product announcement—the ultrathin MacBo…