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Android dominates U.S. smartphone OS market

According to June date from Nielsen, Android(despite mounting legal challenges) has claimed the top spot in the U.S. smartphone OS market. Figures have it as:
1.Google Android comprising 39% of the market, i.e on about four out of every 10 smartphones sold in the U.S. 2.Apple iOS a distant second at 28%, 3.RIM BlackBerry OS, dragging its feet at 20%, 4.Windows Phone 7 at 9% and 5.HP WebOS and Symbian (both at 2%). This should not surprise Nokia owners, given what seems like the gloomy lack of Nokia smartphones in US.
Few interesting tidbits: Android moved up to 39% from 29% between November and January, a rise that has come at the expense of BlackBerry, which fell from 27% to 20% over the same period.Apple’s iOS has grown 1% since November to January period. Meanwhile, Windows Phone 7 and Windows Mobile lost a point over the same period, falling from 10 to 9 percent.Simply put, that's a reflection of the fact that Apple is the only outfit churning out iOS devices, whereas a bevy of comp…