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Change is Inevitable

Glass is finding its way to developers and others and the reaction has been, well, predictable. I’ve been watching with great interest over the past few weeks as the naysayers seem to have gone overboard trying to bash +Project Glass every chance they can. I’ve seen articles on Wired, CNN, Venturebeat, Businessinsider and on blogs, etc., all stating how terrible Glass is. Oh NO, geeky white dudes are wearing Glass! This will never work! Nobody Likes Google Glass Oh no, I will punch someone in the face if they try talk to me with them on — all sorts of gibberish. It’s these kinds of comments, however, that are stoking the privacy fears around Glass, no matter how unfounded they are.
There’s nothing like change to bring out the absolute haters. It seems like every time something comes out that represents change, people freak out.
It’s not enough to say, “this thing is not for me.” People like to go absolutely overboard, talking about how horrible some new thing is for everybody ELSE.
I mea…