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Why I bought Google Nexus Phone

For someone who has been working with smartphones for so long and loves mobile technology, what took me so long to get a Google Nexus phone is something you may be wondering. I have always been a huge fan of HTC phones & their layer of Sense on Android, I think that it adds quite a bit to the OS that I find useful. I really thought that getting a HTC device would be the best device for me, Sense, great camera with sturdy premium hardware, nice look, all that I could really want in the device, but then I began thinking again. Up until recently, I didn't feel the same way about Android devices, I was always afraid of buying what would quickly become outdated, and that always scared my wallet away from the purchases. I knew it was going to be supported, but I did feel like I was spending money on something that would be out of date the next month. With too many choices on the market, and even more rumors of future product announcements from HTC (One series phones) and Samsung Gal…