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Develop Your Personal Brand

Having a good professional reputation is an obvious key to success, but many people don't take the time to nurture it. Or they don't know how. I find it helpful to think about a reputation as a personal brand. Developing your own unique brand is considered not a luxury but an essential for future employability and success.  The basis which guides the development of a brand, also applies to individuals as well as to products and organizations.  To get you started on your journey of ongoing individual brand development, contemplate these three concepts, which form a similar acronym:  Dependability A good brand is consistent. With a good brand, there are never any unpleasant surprises. You can count on a brand to help you quickly sort through an unlimited list of options to identify "a sure thing." In the old days, there was a sales adage that went something like this: "Nobody ever got in trouble for purchasing IBM." If you aren't old enough to recall exactly…

Flash Slideshow for Flickr

Here's how to get flash based flickr photo slideshow for your blog:

Click on INFO button in the bottom right of this slideshow

1. Enter your Flickr Username and hit the submit button.

2. Now simply dump the generated code in the area on your blog you will like to see your flash slideshow.