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Wanna be stable? Stick to job

Charlie Bell began his career flipping burgers at the Kingsford outlet of McDonald’s in Sydney at a age of just 15. He became Australia’s youngest store manager by 19 & made it to the company’s board of directors after 10 years. At 32, he was made the managing director of McDonald’s Australia. In 2004 he was the first non American to be made the CEO of this America-based food chain.

What goes into the making of a stable employee? There are a number of factors responsible for it:

The right break: Getting that right break is the most essential factor. What exactly do we mean by this? It is that job which does justice to your education & your expectations. Individual tastes count here. For 2 different people with same educational qualification, the right break may vary. One person may like to work in a smaller company where he gets more of initial acclaim while another competent person may like to work in a bigger company & work out his way to gain popularity. If a person is a…

Windows Live Mail Beta

U.S. software giant Microsoft Corporation is developing a successor to its MSN Hotmail, one of the Internet`s longest-running brands.
Known as Windows Live Mail, it reflects the company`s effort to make online programs run in Web browsers almost as if they were standard programs stored on PC.
Windows Live Mail will let users drag & drop messages into folders, use keyboard shortcuts & navigate more quickly among messages in a Web-based in-box.
It also will feature a cleaner look, with white space replacing Hotmail`s dark background.To get a 2GB hotmail mailbox. Follow 3 simple steps in IE… & enjoy!
Step 1: Log into your hotmail account using IE. Step 2: Click on [better copy the link given above & paste it into the window in which you have your hotmail account opened]
Step 3: Click Join Mail Beta
Now your hotmail account is upgraded to Live M…

Happy New Year

Something For My Dear Readers

H ours of happy times with friends & family
A bundant time for relaxation
P rosperity
P lenty of love when U need it the most
Y outhful excitement at lifes simple pleasures

N ights of restful slumber (U know - dont' worry B happy)
E verything U need
W ishing U love & light

Y ears & years of good health
E njoyment & mirth
A angels to watch over U
R embrances of a happy years!