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Google Play Newsstand unifies Magazines, Newspapers, RSS

Finally, a go-to place for news, magazines, and online feeds for my +Nexus. Everything I want to read all in one place.

Read latest publications like +The New York Times, +Wall Street Journal or +Lifehacker browse magazines, or add your favorite feed quickly. And bookmark stories to save them for later.

Read Now surfaces the most interesting stuff. The more you read, the better it gets. Follow topic tags to discover related stories and new sources. Offline features minimize data and battery usage.

From serious to seriously beautiful, who knows what I'll discover next?

Overcome microwave mentality

A life coach shares one of her personal experiences and ways to overcome it.
I recall one day standing by my microwave and thinking to myself, “Man, this sure is taking a long time!” As soon as those words entered my mind, I realized that I had been conditioned by instant-gratification ideology. I was no longer patient. I wanted instant results—results so quickly that I considered the microwave as taking too much time. This was an eye-opener for me. In order to have anything of lasting value it must be started on a strong footing. The groundwork may take time, yet it's essential for quality to be prevalent. We need to realign our thinking. Pursue your goals and dreams with a desire for quality, regardless of the time and effort it takes. After all, anything worth doing is worth doing right.

Partitions divide countries, friendships find a way

A wonderful story from Google showing how human passion and hope can overcome time and borders.

In this story, a woman in India reunites her grandfather with his childhood friend (now in Pakistan) following six decades of separation with a little help from Google. Whether you're in Pakistan or India or simply have a soft spot in your heart for stories of reunited friends. Well, then watch this. This is a reflection of the many stories of reunion. If you find it moving, do share it.

We are all incredibly fortunate to be living in today's world where technology is helping us become more human.