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Google Reader's demise levels the playing field

Way back in March, Google revealed plans to shut down eight of its services as part of what it calls an ongoing spring cleaning effort. I was pretty bummed to see that Google Reader will be shut down on July 1. Yes, Google Reader my most used app on web is history now. This is one web app(in simple terms it could get a list of all the recent "new stuff" that a site or a user or a channel has published, so you don't have to go anywhere, every new thing came inside Reader), that will be remembered by me forever, it made me the regular reader that I've become by using it almost everyday since last 7-8 yrs.
My first reaction was: How am I going to work now? I use Google Reader every day to aggregate and filter news, analysis and research. I cannot begin to tell you how big a difference Reader made to my work flow by saving so much time and effort. Almost every blog, technology website has a RSS(Real Simple Syndication) feed, and I had a great heaping bucket of them in Read…