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The Popeye & spinach lesson of management.

The turning point for Popeye the sailor is when he gets his spinach. He guzzles a full can & wallops a large competitor. The turning point for Asterix is when he gets his magic potion. Guru Gobind Singh administered the Amrit to the ordinary to get transformational results: the metaphorical sparrow that could challenge the eagle. It’s the confidence in oneself & the responsibility of a leader to discover & administer this magic potion that transforms an ordinary person into a winner.

Research on a particular species of a bee sums up this behaviour. This species is known to jump 36 inches. When placed in a jar of 12 inches, they jump out. However, when a lid is placed on the jar, they struggle & eventually give up. Once the lid is removed, the bees no longer jump 36 inches. They jump only eight inches & remain in the open jar. They have been conditioned. While in the closed jar every time they jumped higher their head hit the lid.

Most of us in life live smaller lives…

Seven Tricks to Remember Names

Hi everybody. I'm back here to blogging. Check it out to learn something.

Being able to remember names is a valuable asset in both the business & social arenas. It helps you build instant rapport with new contacts, & as many companies place a premium on interpersonal & relationship-building skills, it makes a decidedly good impression on employers, too. So eliminate "whatshername" & "whatshisface" from your vocabulary once & for all. The following techniques can help you remember the names of everyone you meet.

1. Be interested: Many of us don't even catch the other person's name when they're being introduced; we're too focused on ourselves. So the first step to remembering a name is to pay attention as you are introduced.

2. Verify: Unless the person has introduced himself to you, verify what he or she wishes to be called. At a conference or seminar, for example, the name tag may have been typed incorrectly or it may be a more …