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How to be a REAL Manager

Recently, I had a chance to attend Management talk, and the topic was ‘First break all the rules’, It would have been better to call it ‘Change in Management’ instead. Regardless, talk was too boring to learn much from it on practical areas. That made me think of pinning down What really managers should do when they have responsibility to manage people truly.

Never hold a meeting without an agenda.
If you don’t know what you’re going to do there, then no one else will know what you’re doing, either. Bringing them to a meeting without an agenda is wasting their time, and that is disrespectful. A meeting without an agenda is like saying, “My time is so much important than yours that instead of preparing, I’m going to find out what we’re doing in real-time, and you will sit here and watch me.”
So the first rule, is to be respectful.

Managing people by helping them grow along with you.
Your job as a manager is to make sure your employees are growing and learning and enjoying their time at wor…