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Mistakes managers make during job interviews

1. You talk too muchWhen giving company background, watch out for the tendency to prattle on about your own job, personal feelings about the company, or life story. At the end of the conversation, you'll be aflutter with self-satisfaction, and you'll see the candidate in a rosy light -- but you still won't know anything about his or her ability to do the job. 2. You gossip or swap war storiesCurb your desire to ask for dirt on the candidate's current employer or trash talk other people in the industry. Not only does it cast a bad light on you and your company, but it's a waste of time. 3. You're afraid to ask tough questionsInterviews are awkward for everyone, and it's easy to over-empathize with a nervous candidate. It's also common to throw softball questions at someone whom you like or who makes you feel comfortable. You're better off asking everyone the same set of challenging questions -- you might be surprised what they reveal. Often a Nervous…