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Gadgets you will carry

Former Wired editor & Futurist, Kevin Kelly writes that, 10 years from now, an average person will carry two gadgets with him everywhere s/he goes. Over the long term, say 100 years, we may carry no devices.

How many Gadgets will people carry?
The two devices we'll carry (on average) will be: 1) A close-to-body handheld thingie(The handheld will be our wallet, purse, camera, phone, stopwatch, navigator, watch, keys, etc.), and 2) A larger tablet thingie at arms length. The tablet will be a bigger screen and multi sensor input. It may unfold, or unroll, or expand, or be just a plain plank. Different folks will have different sizes. Kelly notes that he's not counting devices we'll wear, like quantified self-tracking devices built into your clothing or accessories (as he notes, you don't carry a watch). We'll have devices built into belts, wristbands, necklaces, clothes, or more immediately into glasses or worn on our ears, etc.

Also, the two devices you carry may …