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How Palm will battle Giants in Smartphones

In a land of cellphone giants, Palm is a mouse compared with AppleResearch in Motion, Samsung, GoogleMicrosoft and Nokia, which are battling to control the future of smartphones.

Palm invented the category of a Web-surfing pocket-computer phone with its Treo line in 2002. But more recently it lost its way as some of its rivals developed more innovative phones. Its new management team, introduced a new generation of smartphones with the $199 Palm Pre and $99 Pixi

Both phones got good reviews for being easy to use and great for Web browsing. But in recent weeks, Google’s Android operating system for smartphones has grabbed the attention of the public, as Verizon heavily promotes the Motorola Droid phone. While no one expected Palm’s sales would rival the sales of iPhones or BlackBerrys — and they have not — developers have not rushed to write applications for the phone as they have for the iPhone and Android phones. “You develop for the iPhone first and for Android second, then for…