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Why people quit their jobs

There are many reasons why good employees quit, most are preventable. Here is a list of “Top Ten” reasons why people leave jobs:

1. Management demands that one person do the jobs of two or more people, resulting in longer days and weekend work.

2. Management cuts back on administrative help, forcing professional workers to use their time copying, stapling, collating, filing and other clerical duties.

3. Management puts a freeze on raises and promotions, when an employee can easily find a job earning 20-30 percent more somewhere else.

4. Management doesn’t allow the rank and file to make decisions or allow them pride of ownership. A visitor to my website E-mailed me a message that said, “Forget about the “professional” decisions—how about when you can’t even select the company’s holiday card without the President rejecting it for one of his own taste?”

5. Management constantly reorganizes, shuffles people around, and changes direction constantly.

6. Management doesn’t have or take the time t…

The golden rule of negotiation

Most people hate to negotiate. They don't like the confrontational aspect. They worry that they are not getting a good deal. They feel stress & fear. Some people will do almost anything to avoid it.

But good negotiation skills are valuable for anyone, & essential for an entrepreneur.
There are all kinds of books on the topic of negotiation. But when I go to my local bookstore & see those books on the shelf, I can't help but think that the topic is getting blown out of proportion. In my experience, negotiation just isn't that complicated.

I've done lots of negotiation. I've argued with car salesmen. I've done consulting deals at four, five & six figures. I've closed a million-dollar technology sale. I've haggled with gypsies over the price of a table cloth in rural Spain. Through it all, there is one principle that matters more than anything else.

Here it is: In negotiation, the one thing that really strengthens your position is the ability t…