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Phone Interview Tips

Phone interviews can be tough. With the lack of visual communication, you must be able to rely on auditory feedback and be disciplined enough to keep focus.

PreparationThere are two main types of phone interviews - expected and unexpected. In order to be prepared for the unexpected phone call, make sure you have access to proper materials near your phone or desk. Keep a file of “employer research” near by along with a fresh copy of your resume. Your resume will allow you to easily answer questions about your past experiences. Company research can help you quickly come up with a few questions for your interviewer. Having access to a notepad and a pen is probably a good bet as well. For expected interviews, make sure you have a space set aside that is free of distractions. Keep a glass of water nearby in case you need to clear your throat. Remember, phone interviews are just as much of an interview as a traditional meeting. TipsKnow your comfort zone. Some people perform best in a quie…

How can I Make my Offline Life Easier?

Most of us are already hip-deep in online efficiency tools like shared calendars, code libraries, and rss feeds; here are 30 simple ways that you can make your life (the real one) easier: At HomeSynchronize recurring events. This can be done annually, monthly, or even weekly. As an example, there are many household tasks that really only need to be done annually. Make it easy to remember when they need to be done by doing them all on the same day. The switch to daylight savings time is a good time to check batteries in smoke detectors, clean screens and windows, change air filters, clean fireplaces, etc. You can do the same with your car, by checking your tires, wiper fluid, battery, etc., every time you get an oil change. Sacrificing one day a month to do household chores like laundry, cleaning, and gardening can relieve the burden of having those things hang over your head and follow you around during the rest of the month. Scatter lots of cheap pens and pencils. Distribute them all…

Getting Serious About Happiness | TIME

Studying happiness is hard. What one man loves another loathes. One woman's joy is another's junk. Social scientists, therefore, have generally left the contemplation of smiles and satisfaction to poets and philosophers. But that's changing. Drawing on his research on happiness, there are three general pieces of advice: -> Be attuned to what gives you genuine satisfaction. Although many people assume that popular activities like watching TV are enjoyable, their own reports generally indicate that they feel more engaged, energetic, satisfied and happy when doing other things. -> Study yourself. To better understand their own happiness, Csikszentmihalyi says, people should systematically record their activities and feelings every few hours for a week or two. In recording your observations, try to focus on how you actually feel, rather than what you think you ought to be feeling or what you expect to feel. Afterwards, note the high points, particularly, and the low ones…