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How to become an Idea Carrier

Paul Sloane recently wrote about becoming an Ideas carrier at Blogging Innovation.
To become an ideas carrier you need three things: An interest in the challenges that other people face. You can find out about these with intelligent, sensitive questions. Most people are happy to open up about the business issues they face.
An open, inquiring mind. You need to be on the look out for new ways to do things and fresh ideas.
The willingness to offer the ideas, put them into context and communicate them in a positive manner.You can build your success in business with a combination of three things. Firstly your understanding of the needs of the key people you meet. Secondly your industry knowledge & contacts with other people. Thirdly your imagination and ability to spot connections. You can construct your own unique selling proposition with this combination. By carrying innovative ideas from one place to another you can help your customers, build your relationships & advance your career…