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Build Your Personal Brand Through Your Blog

Really what you’re saying here is that you want to use your blog to 'sell yourself' instead of to sell a product or ad space.
Here are a few things to work hard at:
Build trust - increasingly marketers are finding that people want to know & be in some sort of trusting relationship with those that they buy products or services from. This is particularly true for a personal service like consulting. Be open about your agenda and about what you do and don’t know. Talk both about your successes and failures. If all you do is use a blog for ’spin’ you’ll present as too good to be true.
Be personal - building on the last point - one way to make a deeper connection with potential clients is to show something of who you are. This doesn’t mean blogging about your personal life, but show you’re human injecting humor, a photo or two of yourself and showing your personality.
Use story - I find readers respond very well to story on blogs. Stories of my own experience, stories of other cl…