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Remembering Steve Jobs - the crazy one

For the first few seconds after I read this news on 5th, my world came crashing down on me. It was perhaps the only time that I didn’t care for the technology news; I didn’t want to write about it. Why doesn’t the world realize that my Hero is dead! I don’t care about a world that is a lot less exciting than it was when Steve was around. Can’t you see that my soul is being put through a grinder.

Every generation has its heroes. Among the people, who inspire me, I've read about Mahatma Gandhiji only in books. So for me, Steve Jobs was the only living legend, I could look at. I don’t know why, how and where that happened but Steve was my icon. To me, just the idea of Steve was powerful enough.

For many of us who live and die for technology and the change it represents, he was an example of what was possible. Steve put life and soul into inanimate objects. Everyone cared for specifications; he saw opportunities that inspired emotions. People saw a phone; Steve saw a transporter of love…