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Dash is turning Dumb Cars into Smart, Futuristic Machines

Dash may lead to a sea change in the way that we think about our cars and how we drive

Your car is a hot bed of data that goes unused. Dash makes use of this by keeping track of how much you drive, where you can get gas, and you can even instruct Dash to detect if you get in an accident and automatically text someone an alert.

Unlock enhanced performance, cost savings and social driving. Smarter. Driving. Everyday.

Dash connects your smartphone to your car with a simple, low-cost device which you can install yourself - simply reach under your steering wheel and plug in in! No mess, no mechanic, no problem.

Driver score and insights, to help improve your performance
Save money with nearby gas price comparison
Check Engine Light notifications and explanation
Find where you parked, with the car locator
Leaderboard to compare the best drivers
Multi-vehicle support, with automatic VIN de-coding
Driving Mode - real time data on MPG, as well as audio alerts.

Next big thing for Smartphone's: Seeing And Understanding

A Smartphone would be able to see and understand its environment with the help of Perceptual Computing And Vision Processing.

Project Tango, an attempt to give mobile devices human-like understanding of space and motion by +Google ATAP(Advanced Technology And Projects).

Computer vision is a rich field of academic, commercial and industrial research, the implications of which extend tendrils into virtually every aspect of our lives. Anticipating needs before they arise, and understanding needs that a person might not even be aware they have, make up the broader blue sky opportunities for a tech like this.

Perceptual computing encompasses the whole field of analyzing data captured with sensors and visualization systems like cameras and infrared light. Computer vision is one component of the field, which allows devices to ‘see’ the areas around it more like a human does — or better. Getting 3D sensing onto phones, and spatial and topographic contextual awareness is table stakes for the n…

Bring your conversations to life with Hangouts

Conversations that last, with the people you love

+Google+ Hangouts brings one-on-one and group conversations to life with photos, emoji, and video calls(with up to 10 people at once). Catch up with friends and family even when you're on the go.

Group conversations are better than ever

Share photos and emoji for more lively conversations. Whether you're talking just with that special someone or figuring out Friday night plans with the whole gang, Hangouts are like real-life conversations. You can show photos and share how you're feeling with emoji.

Have more engaging conversations

See when your friends have read your messages and when they're typing back. If a friend isn't available when you try to reach them, they'll see an alert next time they connect, keeping your conversations alive.

Everyone is invited

Have your hangouts on every device. Hangouts works across computers and on Android phones and tablets, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. So you can connect with ever…

Gone with the Tide

+Andres Amador creations are simply stunning and beautiful. Ephemeral art work.
Passion can make you do things, that nobody could even imagine. That's the power of being passionate about something. It amazes me how far people have gone just due to their passion for it.

To see more of his earthscapes, visit