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The Popeye & spinach lesson of management.

The turning point for Popeye the sailor is when he gets his spinach. He guzzles a full can & wallops a large competitor. The turning point for Asterix is when he gets his magic potion. Guru Gobind Singh administered the Amrit to the ordinary to get transformational results: the metaphorical sparrow that could challenge the eagle. It’s the confidence in oneself & the responsibility of a leader to discover & administer this magic potion that transforms an ordinary person into a winner.

Research on a particular species of a bee sums up this behaviour. This species is known to jump 36 inches. When placed in a jar of 12 inches, they jump out. However, when a lid is placed on the jar, they struggle & eventually give up. Once the lid is removed, the bees no longer jump 36 inches. They jump only eight inches & remain in the open jar. They have been conditioned. While in the closed jar every time they jumped higher their head hit the lid.

Most of us in life live smaller lives to avoid pain. We forget the capability that we possess & are afraid to take risks. Next, in the bee example, something strange happens. A new bee flies into the jar & easily jumps out. On seeing her, the other bees remember how they too could jump 36 inches & begin to jump out. This is the power of positive association.

The essence of leadership is about creating a charged atmosphere, one of excitement & inspiration where people rise to heights they never dreamt were possible. It’s like an inverse paranoia where you believe the whole world is conspiring to do you good.

In CADs we believe that in order to define the industry & continue our leadership position, we need to be paradigm pioneers. This is a phrase you will hear on every individual’s lips in Team CADs. In marketing companies, to stay ahead & be pioneers one has to be open to change. India is changing at a very fast pace & companies will be successful if they stay open to change. Half of our India was born after 1982, which makes us the youngest country in the world. These 20-year-olds think very differently from us & in order to be successful a company needs to understand & empathise with this large group.
We have to accept change & do things differently. One doesn’t discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time. Our biggest investment in CADs has been on our team. The endeavour is to let people be at their creative best.

The work environment must aid & encourage the process. Only then can they discover the world outside, romance their relationships, spend time with their families & be creative. The marketing team focuses on building compelling campaigns that grip the consumer.The focus is to maximise each person’s strengths, to keep them energised & imaginative. The secret of passion is purpose. Goal setting is another aspect wherein a lot of thought & creativity is exercised. Well set & defined goals ensure a sense of focus & that creativity is channelled for the desired results.

Lastly, it’s important that people enjoy the work they do & develop a larger sense of purpose. The real value of achieving goals lies not in the rewards they receive but in the person they become.

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