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Google in 2011

Google as a company has been always more ambitious than any other company I've ever followed in Silicon valley. From Robotic cars to Windfarms & from ISP to Mobile Carrier(as per rumor), Googe keeps pushing boundaries to explore the unexplored.  Recently, GOS made few predictions about how Google will do in 2011 & I couldn't agree more. But most of them sound like evolutionary in nature, than revolutionary. Here are my comments on it:

1. More free storage in Google Docs: at least 20 GB. (Most likely, see Google Docs plays Videos Docs)

2. A new HTML5 interface for Gmail that loads faster, stores email offline and integrates with other Google apps like Google Calendar and Google Docs.(Most likely, since Gmail is one of the most popular services of Google)

3. An updated Android keyboard that uses Google Scribd data to provide useful suggestions.(Most likely, with Blindtype acquisition & Google Scribe data they'll have a killer keyboard)

4. Google Earth as a WebGL web app and vector-based maps in Google Maps for desktop. (Likely, since maps is another very popular service from Google and they keep moving fast towards 'everything on web' dream)

5. A database of things, where you can store important names, book titles, products, concepts and useful information about them. (Likely, could this be something like Freebase)

6. Data sync for Google Chrome extensions. (Most likely, since Chrome is the major channel towards Chrome OS)

7. Chrome for Android, with data sync, web apps, session restore, Cloud Print, built-in Flash and smarter address bar.(Most likely, I wonder, why are we still predicting about it, & why this was not the case from day one of Android, considering when other browsers have already made this possible)

8. Google's search engine will answer complex questions using inferences.(Likely, by using their acquisition Aardvark)

9. Google Personal Alerts will notify on your mobile phone if there's something interesting around (one of your friends, a store that offers a discount for one your favorite products, a museum you wanted to visit, a shop recommended by one of your friends).(Likely, I believe we're still far away from this to happen, but you never know with Google behind it)

10. Google will learn to embrace Facebook and will start using Facebook Connect.(Doubtful, am tempted to believe Google will have it's own Social layer around apps, that might give them all that they want. But, If at all Google connects with Facebook, then it would be their last option)

11. Google Online Store: the place where you can download Chrome/Android apps and games, e-books, buy magazine subscriptions, music and movies.(Most likely, since they already have Android, Chrome web store, and Ebook store. It's just a matter of time all of these connect with each other to become a universal store.)

12. Android's growth will slow down, but it will be the most popular mobile operating system because many companies will use it to create smart media players, digital cameras, TVs, game consoles and even home appliances.(Likely, though growth will slow down, it will still be higher than any other mobile OS of  that time)

13. Picasa Web Albums will become a Google Docs app and Picnik will switch to HTML5.(Doubtful about Picasa web albums. Most likely Picnik will make a switch to HTML5 to compete with Aviary)

14. Google will acquire Disqus to make it easier to manage your comments and to improve Blogger's commenting system.(Doubful, though it sounds small, but just to compete with Wordpress, they might go for it)

15. Google Profiles will no longer be optional: when you create a Google/Gmail account, you'll also create a profile. (Most likely, this might be a part of Social layer Google has been working upon)

16. Voice search and visual search for desktop.(Likely, in Chrome & not for Windows)

17. Google will buy LastPass and offer an online password manager.(Doubtful, though LastPass is one of the best password managers, but Google users have always used services from Google with a fear in mind of giving too much control to Google about their digital lifestyle. Giving away even passwords to that company will require a strong will. Also, they can just provide password sync in chrome)

18. Google Wave will be resurrected, but it will have a simplified interface.(Likely, I wish why didn't they did it earlier, instead of shutting it down openly)

19. An online music player that will let you listen music from the Google Store or Google Docs, podcasts from Google Reader, online radios and more.(Most likely, since the rumors of Google music store have been on interwebs from so long, that sooner this happens, better it would be.)

20. Google Fast Flip for web search powered by Google Instant Previews.(Likely, due to over crowded tablet market, this will get pushed to web)

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